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Information for Church Recorders

Thank you for agreeing to check in visiting cyclists and walkers. This page gives instructions for what to do when a cyclist, walker, etc arrives at your church.

Guidance for Recorders

In order to assist visiting cyclists and walkers, Please if possible stay open continuously between 10.00AM and 6.00PM.

In some cases where access is difficult, or, say, a wedding is taking place, choose the most accessible place to record visitors. If there is more than one entrance to the church, please indicate where you are situated and ensure that all visitors have easy access to a recording desk.

Sign the Churches Visited form for each participant visiting your church or chapel.

It would be kind if soft drinks and possibly biscuits could be offered free of charge to thirsty cyclists and walkers.

The Trust does not ask you to record names of all visiting cyclists/walkers, only to sign their forms. Some churches, however, have found it interesting to keep their own tally of how many riders actually visit.

Get Sponsored!

Please seek sponsorship either on the basis of the number of visitors arriving at your church or the length of time you are on duty. There is a generic sponsor form for all participants.

Use the link to download the Registration Form:

Further Information

For further information please contact your Church Organiser.

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